Racing Testimonials

Phil Warren is sold on AMSOIL lubricants.  As the driver of the Lamb and Robinson Motorsports  late model stock, he knew he was with a winning team.  Part of the success was the car, part of it was the team and part of it was his own skills.  L and R had been using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants based partially on results and partially on the recommendation of an Amsoil dealer.  During the Taco Bell 300 last season at Martinsville, Virginia, Warren had an epiphany.  Warren calls in on the radio to crew chief and owner Jamie Mosley to say the oil light is fickering.  It ’s lap 175 of 300.Warren is leading the race.  As the laps go by, the problem is apparently getting worse.  By lap 200 the light is on steadily and the oil pressure is dropping. Warren is still out in front.  Mosley tells a concerned Warren to keep racing and hope for the best until the engine goes.  The engine never seized.  It never gave out and Warren won the race.  Back at the shop in Portsmouth, Virginia, the crew begins to tear apart the engine, expecting the worst.  They pull the drain plug and only two and a half quarts of oil come out.  This is an engine that holds 10 quarts so there was some doubt.  That glumness soon turned to cheers when no damage was found.  “We were just amazed,” says Mosley.. “We are still racing the car on the same engine!”

Along with two race cars, Lamb and Robinson runs AMSOIL in its feet of construction vehicles and wreckers.  They ’re so sold on AMSOIL lubricants that they now sell and install them in their shop.  That’s confidence.



The lure of the water and the speed of powerboats caught Brad Krahn’s attention early. By age 12 he was racing and KC Outlaw Racing was born. In 2000 he was the National High Points Champion and was named “Rookie of the Year” by the American Outboard Association.  In 2001 the Outlaw met an AMSOIL Dealer who suggested the team try AMSOIL. They were skeptical. The motors on these boats are rare. They’re not produced anymore and aren’t replaceable. During testing, a stopwatch told the story. The boat owned by Dave Squires was faster than it had ever been and the Mercury engine was running cooler. KC Outlaw was undefeated in 2001 and Krahn won his class at the nationals. Feeling good, Krahn stepped up to face more venerable racers, including teammate Dennis Squires. After starting dead last Krahn finished second by eight inches to his partner. Is KC Outlaw Racing sold on AMSOIL? “You bet,” says Dave Squires. “I’ll never run anything else again, ever.”


Patrick J. Osmer has been racing since 1995. He was born in 1992.

"My dad bought me a motorcycle when I was three and a half years old," said Patrick. "I had to start with training wheels first."

PJ began racing with the Fresno Motorcycle Club. He won the Participation with Skill Improvement award from 1995 to 1997. In 1998 and 1999 Patrick was the Fresno Motorcycle Club Series Champion in 50cc series stock class. In 1999 he was also the Chowchilla RS Racing Series Champion in 50cc class. In 2000 Patrick was Fresno Motorcycle Club Series Champion in 50cc modified class, Madera RS Racing Series Champion in 50cc modified and 0-8 65cc class, and he took first place in District 36 at Livermore Motorcycle Park.  And While PJ sets out to win every race, there's more to be gained from the experience.  "It is fun," said Patrick. "I have made a lot of new friends and all of my family goes to the races."  PJ has also gained valuable experience talking with other racers like AMSOIL's own motocross star Mike LaRocco.  "He is a good racer and he does not give up." said Patrick. "I met him in Anaheim. He is very nice."

PJ says his favorite AMSOIL product is the Series 2000 2-Cycle Motor Oil he uses in both his bikes. He has always enjoyed riding his 50cc bike but has moved up to a 65cc bike. With a larger bike, PJ says he can go more places when he rides with his dad. He also says he is learning a lot more on his 65cc bike.

Patrick likes to stay focused on the task at hand. He says his plans include "racing motocross and dirt track for now."

"I want to thank AMSOIL for all the support," said PJ. "All the people who see my bike with the AMSOIL stickers think it looks like Mike LaRocco's. I feel happy and very lucky that my bike looks like that. Some of my racing friends have started using AMSOIL Series 2000 2-Cycle Oil. I hope to continue sharing my racing career with AMSOIL."

Patrick's parents, Pat and Maria, began using AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Cycle 100:1 Pre-mix Oil in his bike and saw how effective it was. When they saw AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil they switched over immediately. The oil has done so well for them, that their mechanic of B&B Racing, is talking about the quality of AMSOIL two-cycle oil to all of his customers.


AMSOIL Helps Set New World Record For Motorcycles. Ron Krol's 1100cc Suzuki 7.38 Seconds At 180+ mph!

On September 26, 1988, Ron Krol of Garfield Heights, Ohio used AMSOIL SYNTHETIC OIL at the ATCO race track in New Jersey to accomplish the unimaginable: he raced his naturally-aspirated (carbureted) 1100cc 16-valve Suzuki drag bike in the funny bike class. This class usually uses turbo-chargers and nitrous oxide Fuel!Ron and his AMSOIL-ized motorcycle didn't win at ATCO, their first ever national drag bike event (although he did make it to the semifinals). What Ron did do was set a new world record for carbureted motorcycles - 7.38 seconds elapsed time average quarter mile course! That's 180 + mph! Ron's bike also won Best Engineered Bike and Best Appearing Bike at ATCO.Ron owns and operates Krol Cycle, a high performance motorcycle parts and service shop. He is a factory representative for a major piston company and an AMSOIL Retail Account. Ron has been working on motorcycles for over fifteen years. So when Ron says "I know what works and what doesn't," most people listen. There is "no doubt" in his mind that "all the 'top dogs' in racing use synthetic oil, no matter what the logo says on the car or bike."Based on dynamometer tests on engines in his shop, Ron figures motorcycles gain "at least a couple of horsepower" using synthetic oil over petroleum. "There's no comparison," he says.Petroleum oils begin to break down and degrade almost immediately at these temperatures. The shortcomings of non-synthetic oils are especially obvious in drag bike racing, where the heat, high RPMs and pressures are magnified many times over a very short period (remember that Ron set his world record in 7.38 seconds). It's no wonder petroleum oils only wet an engines "appetite" for expensive engine parts! But using AMSOIL 20W-50 SYNTHETIC RACING OIL removed camshafts and rocker arms from Ron's engine's diets! Ron is convinced: "synthetic oils give more protection......they don't break down like petroleum oils."


Hodgson Racing Proves They Can Win in Any Type of Car With AMSOIL

The list of racing accomplishments for Hodgson Racing is as long as a top fuel dragster. They have won major titles on both sides of the border. In 30 years the team has claimed titles in funny cars, dragsters and sprint cars. Jeff Hodgson’s current cars of choice are 360 and 410 sprint cars. He’s racing in the popular and competitive World of Outlaws and on the Northwest Sprint Tour series.  The cars may change and the racing may be different, but what remains a constant for Hodgson is his commitment to the performance of AMSOIL lubricants. “We ran AMSOIL lubes without fail for the entire 2002 season,” says Hodgson. “We noticed that we needed to change oil less often and even our used AMSOIL oil looks cleaner than what we used before.” With AMSOIL gear lube, Hodgson says he has noticed less wear on the ring and pinion gears. He calls AMSOIL Power Foam, “the best engine cleaner and degreaser” he has ever used. An Amsoil dealer  introduced Hodgson to AMSOIL and it’s been a match made for victory circles ever since. According to Hodgson, “The entire AMSOIL product line is definitely a winning combination for our sprint car team.”



Maglangit Racing Improves ET's with Amsoil After 250 Passes

Alfred Maglangit Sr. of Pearl City, Hawaii recently contacted AMSOIL to say “aloha.” Magalanit wanted to sing the praises of AMSOIL products and to say thanks for the performance benefits he has witnessed in his racecar. Maglangit began building his 505 Big Block Chevrolet dragster in 1998 with the help of a local racecar shop in Hawaii. After the car was finished, Maglangit and his crew first tried a competitor’s product in their dragster. “After 250 passes,” Maglangit said, “the best time we could get was an 8.02 at 162 mph. Then Howard Nakashima, who is one of our crew members, became an AMSOIL Dealer and suggested we try AMSOIL at the biggest race in Hawaii, the Hawaii/Alaska Shootout.” At the event, Maglangit’s car consistantly ran 7.90 at 167 mph. “We never thought this engine would run that fast after 250 passes without being tuned up and with the same tires on for every run,” Maglangit said. “We’ve been running your product since February of 1999 and won the Super Comp Championship in Hawaii for the 1999 and 2000 season, and we are currently leading in points for the 2001 season.” Maglangit is still running the original engine and transmission in his dragster. His team uses Series 2000 20W-50 oil in the car’s engine and Super Shift Racing Transmission Fluid in the car’s transmission. “I am sure that one day I will need to rebuild my engine and transmission,” Maglangit said, “but until that day comes, I’ll continue getting the most out of my equipment and continue using AMSOIL synthetics in my car. We are 100 percent satisfied with your product.” 


During the 2000 racing season Dealer Herman Wood of Indianapolis, Ind. worked with "St. John Racing" in a local race truck series. Tommy St. John was the truck builder and chief mechanic and Tommy St. John II was a rookie driver. During the early part of the season they struggled to get a handle on the truck. In the early going they had trouble getting the chassis set up and had frequent problems with the transmission. They switched to AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid for the last half of their race season and immediately got results. "The last half of their season was great," Wood said. "In fact, during the last race of the season Tommy Jr. set a new track record, but the last truck to qualify broke his record." Tommy Jr. finished third in rookie points and sixth overall in the season points. "With all of the problems they had in the first half of the season," Wood said, "they didn’t expect such positive results in the end." "After such a successful comeback last season using AMSOIL grease, gear lube, and the transmission fluid, this year they are going bumper to bumper with AMSOIL lubricants," Wood said. "Tommy and Tommy Jr. would like to thank AMSOIL for the great products and a great season."